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Saracen APC

6x6 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Saracen APC
  • A proven APC.
  • Suitable as a bullion carrier and for installation protection
Tibs Transport's Saracen APC Saracen Armoured Personnel Carriers  Technical Specifications
DesignMonocoque Hull
SeatingDriver + 9
Protection Levels
Ballistic & Mine 16mm (maximum) steel.
Wheelbase1 524 / 1 524 mm
Overall Length5 233 mm
Overall Height2 460 mm
Overall Width2 540 mm
Ground Clearance400 mm
Vehicle (Tare)8 640 kg
GVM10 170 kg
Make/ModelRolls Royce
Configuration8 cylinder Petrol
Max Power119 Kw @ 3750 rpm
Size1 100 x 20
Fuel Tank200 Litres
Max Speed72 kph
Fording Depth
Max Depth1.07 m
Vehicle Information
The Saracen APC was produced by Alvis, of Coventry, and has seen service with many Armed Forces worldwide. They were widely used during the “troubles” in Northern Ireland.

The leading 2 axles of this 6x6 are steering axles.

The rear double doors allow for rapid deployment.

They remain potent APC’s with a formidable physical presence.

Tibs Transport
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