Samil 100 Kwevoel

6x6 Armoured Truck

Samil 100 Kwevoel
  • Proven logistical vehicle capable of carrying 10T.
  • Versatile; can be fitted with a range of load bodies.
Tibs Transport's Samil 100 Kwevoel Samil 100 Kwevoel Armoured Trucks  Technical Specifications
DesignV Cell mounted on truck ladder chassis
SeatingDriver + 1
Protection Levels
Mine 3 x TM57 (21kg TNT)
Wheelbase5 250/1 380 mm
Overall Length9 250 mm
Overall Height3 020 mm
Overall Width2 450 mm
Ground Clearance355 mm
Std. Load Body length6 300 mm
Vehicle (Tare)10 400 kg
GVM21 000 kg
Nett Payload10 600 kg
D/T31 000 kg
Make/ModelDeutz F10L413F
Max Power235 Kw @ 2500 rpm
Max Torque1020 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Size14.00 x 20 x18 Ply
Fuel Tank400 Litres
Max Speed90 kph
Fording Depth
Max Depth1.2 m
Choice of Load Bodies.
Vehicle Information
The Samil 100 Kwevoel Armoured Truck is based on the Samil 100 and was originally produced for the SADF (South African Defence Force). The Defence Force is currently refurbishing its fleet of Samil 100s for future use.

The Samil 100 Kwevoel is a versatile vehicle suitable for bulk logistical work in areas where land mines present a hazard. It can carry 10 tons off-road, and on-road pull another 10 tons.

Like the other Samil trucks it can be fitted with various load bodies to carry either cargo, fuel or water, or as a recovery unit.