Rhino APC

4x4 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Rhino APC
  • A high quality APC based on the proven Samil 20.
  • Suitable for Peace-keeping, Patrol & De-mining activities.
Tibs Transport's Rhino APC Rhino Armoured Personnel Carriers  Technical Specifications
DesignMonocoque, V Hull
SeatingDriver + 6
Protection Levels
Ballistic & Mine To be confirmed
Wheelbase2 900 mm
Overall Length5 700 mm
Overall Height2 900 mm
Overall Width2 400 mm
Ground Clearance470 mm
GVM7 700 kg
Make/ModelDeutz F6L913
Max Power93 Kw @ 2800 rpm
Max Torque375 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Size14.5 x 20
Max Speed90 kph
Vehicle Information
The Rhino APC was designed specifically for the SAAF (South African Air Force) to fulfil the role of airbase defence vehicle. Not surprisingly they are relatively scarce.

They utilise the Samil 20 (Mk1) running gear and are powered by an air-cooled Deutz engine. Mechanically they are similar to the Samil 20 Kwevoel Armoured Truck.

They are used in various roles world-wide including UN Peace-keeping, Patrol and De-Mining activities.

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